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30 programlama dilinin mucitleri / The Creators of 30 Programming Languages

Behind any programming language there is a creator or sometimes a small team. Each language has a story and a philosophy and each creator had a motivation, a problem to solve.
Programming languages influence and sometimes determine the way programmers solve problems and the way problems can be solved. They gain supporters, make enemies and cause flames and “religious” wars.
I think it is very useful for every programmer to understand the history of programming languages and also to understand the reasoning and the way of thinking of the programming language designers; for the programming languages you love but, even more, for those you don’t like or understand.
I compiled here a list of languages with their creators and some links to information about them. I tried to include home pages, blogs, Wikipedia links and interviews.I apologize for any mistake and I will correct it if/when I am notified.
Most of the interviews are extremely interesting. Don’t miss Grace Hopper’s interview.

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